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In our extended product range of industrial knives and blades you can find amongst others:

  • Cutter blades
  • Slicer knives
  • Circular Saw Blades
  • Bandsaw blades
  • Forming sets
Care free maintenance!
All your knives and blades will be brought back into razor-sharp, top condition by our modern, well equipped grinding unit. Transport will be taken care of according to agreement. All the grinding is done on a regular basis and brought and collected by our own staff.

Wensing is more than just your ordinary industrial knives and blades supplier for the food processing, packaging, paper and recycling industry. Our team listens and thinks along with you to ensure a custom made product of top quality.
Our biggest strength is coming up with custom made solutions as:

  • Optimising cutting sets
  • Monitoring of and advising on the production and cutting processes
  • Reducing grinding and material costs

Thanks to the participation and collaboration with independent knife and blade manufacturers it’s possible for Wensing to find and offer the best suitable knife or blade for your specific use. Wensing does not only supply knives and blades but is also the address for proper maintenance. All this combined with the excellent service shows that Wensing is worthy of the title” specialist in cutting techniques”.